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Purring Iron: 7 Cats Who Love to Work Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger had better watch out, because these strong cats are doing some serious weightlifting! Dumbbells, weight benches, and yoga mats are all part of their workout routines.

And by “workout” for some of these cats, I mean they have worked out a way to sleep on them. You know cats.

My own cats love to help me work out. Whenever I get on the floor at home to do crunches (not often, but whatever!), Moo has to be involved. He doesn’t actually want to work out himself, but he wants to sit on my chest and “help” by making the sit-up a little harder because he adds weight. So, technically, I guess he’s my workout buddy, right?

Here are seven more cats who would make good workout buddies:

Cat Olympics

Mitty is strong for her size! And she’s doing it wrong, but don’t tell her. Photo by Rooey202.


These two dumbbells, er … um … cats are working out in their dreams. Photo by webwawa.

Day 13

Simon needs a spotter! That’s a lot of weight! Photo by lindymclean.

Weightlifting kitty

Arya is only four months old and she’s already working on the purrfect physique! Photo by freebird forever.



Clearly this is either pre-stretching or the cool-down part of this big boy’s workout. Photo by Runs With Scissors.

Stella Weightlifting

Stella appears to be getting ready to lift her own body weight. Wow! Photo by WeLeftBuckley.

weightlifting cat

Tiny kitteh, big weights. RAWR. Photo by nisora33.