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Star Wars Cat Condo: The Force Is Strong with This One

Reddit user BillyAppletini wins the award for Best Human and Cat Friend. What endeavored to be just an amusing joke has turned into a phenomenon.

Fulfilling every geeky cat owner’s dream, Billy spent about a month designing, planning, and constructing a “CAT-AT” modeled after the four-legged imperial weapons featured in The Empire Strikes Back. All for his friend, who’s a lover of cats and Star Wars.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. The interior of the CAT-AT features a decadent kitty lounge, complete with disco ball, artwork, and a fully stocked (fake!) bar.

Billy says he was planning on making it look as though his friend’s cats had ordered the CAT-AT on Amazon, but after wrecking his apartment to build the thing, he simply wanted to deliver the cat condo. His friend was thrilled to receive the amazing gift!

May the Furce be with you!

Via Reddit


Viral Video We Love: Stressed-out Kitty Gets a Relaxing Massage

It’s not easy being a kitty.

All that lounging around, meowing for affection, chasing anything that moves, and moving from sunny spot to sunny spot can really put a knot of stress in a cat’s shoulders.


Good thing this kitty found a moment to paws and enjoy a massage.

Now all she needs is a meow-nicure and a paw-dicure, and she’ll be ready for a new week of doing cat stuff.

What’s the first thing on the agenda? Some cat pranks, of course!

Purring Iron: 7 Cats Who Love to Work Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger had better watch out, because these strong cats are doing some serious weightlifting! Dumbbells, weight benches, and yoga mats are all part of their workout routines.

And by “workout” for some of these cats, I mean they have worked out a way to sleep on them. You know cats.

My own cats love to help me work out. Whenever I get on the floor at home to do crunches (not often, but whatever!), Moo has to be involved. He doesn’t actually want to work out himself, but he wants to sit on my chest and “help” by making the sit-up a little harder because he adds weight. So, technically, I guess he’s my workout buddy, right?

Here are seven more cats who would make good workout buddies:

Cat Olympics

Mitty is strong for her size! And she’s doing it wrong, but don’t tell her. Photo by Rooey202.


These two dumbbells, er … um … cats are working out in their dreams. Photo by webwawa.

Day 13

Simon needs a spotter! That’s a lot of weight! Photo by lindymclean.

Weightlifting kitty

Arya is only four months old and she’s already working on the purrfect physique! Photo by freebird forever.



Clearly this is either pre-stretching or the cool-down part of this big boy’s workout. Photo by Runs With Scissors.

Stella Weightlifting

Stella appears to be getting ready to lift her own body weight. Wow! Photo by WeLeftBuckley.

weightlifting cat

Tiny kitteh, big weights. RAWR. Photo by nisora33.

10 Fake Headlines for Some Truly Weird Stock Photos of Cats

Stock photos power the Internet. But some of them are so very weird, you have to wonder what was the photographer thinking? Well, maybe he or she was hoping for news headlines like these. (Our apologies to Shutterstock.)

Supercat Saves Fourth Poultry Farm This Week

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Ballooncat Last Seen Crossing the Horizon

“He’s expected in China,” shrugs owner

More Kittens Enrolling in School

“To what end?” wonders nervous world

Cats Prefer Food to Sex, Study Shows

Study conducted by Dr. Helen Palmer (pictured)


John Mayer’s Cat Quits Tour, Cites “Exhaustion”

“I’ve been sleeping only 10 hours a day,” sighs sleepy Wonderland

Cat Kills Owner in Midwestern Occult Shocker

“Stay out of the corn,” warns Puddles

Meet the Richest Cat in the World

And his manservant, Stephan. “I have bread. Would you like bread?” asks Stephan.

Trendwatch: More Kids Cooking for Their Parents

“A terrible, horrible idea,” cites ER doctor. “Just the worst idea on the planet, ever.”

Unexpected Friendship to End Violently Right About Now

No? Okay, how about now! Now! Now?


 Buttons Refuses to Eat Boiled Tofu Dog

Must stay at table until she does.


Cats Find Life on the Streets Purrrfect

“Screw the condo, this is living,” says General Whiskers. “Hold on, I need to scratch for a few days.”

Cool Pranks 4 Cats Proves that Yes, They Really Are Laughing at Us

There’s an old saying that “Dogs have owners and cats have staff,” and as their staff, we are sometimes unwittingly the subject of their almost (but not quite!) sadistic sense of humor.

Pooping outside the litter box, “marking” a favorite article of clothing, or napping in your freshly cleaned laundry (oh, did you just wash your darks? Good thing kitty has white fur!): animal accidents or practical jokes?

Illustrator H. Caldwell Tanner seems to have unearthed a collection of Cool Pranks 4 Cats, which may very well be the feline handbook for expertly “enriching” the lives of their human staff.

Rated from “Meowcenary” to “Calic’owned,” these pranks reveal what cats really mean when they leave a dead bird by the front door!

We’ve got you figured out, felines! (At least for now, anyway.)

What pranks have your cats played on you?

Cartoons via CollegeHumor

Viral Video We Love: “10 Cutest Cat Moments” Is Pure Catnip

Ever wish you could watch all of the cutest cat videos in the world in one place? You do? We do, too!

So we’re glad that someone’s compiled the ten cutest cat moments into one video for our viewing and inappropriate workplace-giggling pleasure.

The compilation includes synchronized kittens bobbing their heads to techno, two talking cats, an adorably sleepy kitty, and a calico dueling a printer.

Did you see any of your favorites?