Espp Subscription Agreement

Ciena reserves the right to impose other requirements for worker participation in the CEPP, to the ESPP offer and all common shares acquired under the ESDP, to the extent that Ciena deems it necessary or desirable to comply with local law regarding the issuance or sale of common shares or to facilitate the management of the PEPP, and to require staff to sign additional agreements or commitments that are necessary to meet the above obligations. If an employee wishes to benefit from this two-year detention agreement, they must complete the “Commitment” form available on the next page. The worker must keep a copy of the company for his records and attach a copy of the company when filing his income tax return. (commitment on the next page) By accepting the purchase rights, the worker agrees to participate in the CEPP and acknowledges that he has received a copy of the CEPP. If the employee has received this registration form or any other document related to the CEPP, which has been translated into a language other than English, and the meaning of the translated version is removed from the English version, the English version will control it. (f) the purchase rights and shares of common shares subject to sale rights are exceptional assets that do not constitute compensation of any kind for services of any kind provided to Ciena or the employer and which, if applicable, are outside the scope of the worker`s employment or service contract; The provisions of this registration document are dissociable and if one or more provisions are considered illegal or non-applicable, in whole or in part, the other provisions are nevertheless binding and enforceable. Stock Options Act. The worker acknowledges that he has received an employer declaration in the Danish language, which defines the terms of the purchase rights under the Option to Purchase Act. The employee also understands that his participation in the ESDP is the result of a unilateral and discretionary decision by Ciena Corporation, and ciena Corporation therefore reserves the absolute right to amend and/or suspend its participation in the PPB at any time without any liability to staff.

(m) in the event of the worker`s termination (in violation of the contract or labour law in the country where the worker resides, even if this also applies to the worker`s employment benefits by the employer and if, subsequently, it will prove invalid, the worker`s right to participate in the CENPP and his right to receive common shares; if any, with effect at the time of the worker`s absence of employment and are not extended by a notice required by local law (for example. B, active employment would not include a similar “garden holiday” period or a similar time frame); the committee and/or committee, if any, have the exclusive power to determine when the worker is no longer actively employed for the purpose of participating in the PEPP; , usted manifiesta que no se reserva ninguna acci 179n o derecho para presentar una reclamaci 179n o demanda en contra de Ciena Corporation por cualquier compensaci 179n o da 177os en relaci 179n con cualquierici 179n del ESPP o de los benefic por tanto, usted otorga un ampo y total finiquito a Ciena Corporation, sus subsidiarias, afiliadas, sucursales, oficinas de representaci 179n, accionistas, directores, funcionarios, agentses y representantes legales con respecto a cualquier reclamaci 179n o demanda pudiera arise.