Sample Cooperative Endeavor Agreement

2. The exemption authorized within the meaning of this paragraph must be taken to the extent provided for and provided for by the cooperation agreement. All exempt property is listed in investment roles and submitted to the Louisiana Tax Commission. Do you support an amendment allowing local authorities to enter into tax-exempt agreements with new or expanding payment companies rather than taxes? (Added Article VII, Section 21 (O). [3] 3. Unless otherwise stated, a quality subject to an exemption contract under paragraph F of this section is not eligible for the exemption allowed under this paragraph. Notwithstanding the above, an ad valorem tax authority may negotiate with a landowner a co-operation agreement for a payment instead of a value tax within the first two years of an exemption contract authorized under paragraph F of this section and enter into a cooperation agreement. Given the date of the law`s election, it seems likely that the first fiscal year that could be assigned is the GJ22 for the value tax agreements due at the end of 2021. [3] Amendment 5 would have authorized an exemption from the value tax on certain properties if the owner of the property enters into a cooperation agreement with a tax authority to make payments to the tax authorities instead of paying property taxes, in accordance with the specific details and agreements established by law. The exemption could only apply to new production sites or additions to existing production companies. According to the amendment, any law implementing this amendment would have to be approved by a two-thirds majority (66.67 percent) in each state chamber, and information on the real estate to which this exemption is applied should be placed on the tax rolls and made available to the Louisiana Tax Commission. [1] This agreement can be carried out in any number of counterparties, and each of these counters is considered an original instrument, but all these counterparties combined constitute only an agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have implemented this cooperation agreement effective on the date mentioned above.

A “yes” vote was in favour of amending the country`s constitution to allow local governments to enter into a cooperation agreement with new or expanding production companies and to allow production companies to make payments to the tax authorities instead of paying property taxes. The proposed amendment to the Constitution adds a derogation to the taxation of the value of real estate, which is subject to a cooperation agreement between the owner and one or more tax authorities requiring the owner to make payments rather than taxes. In addition, the franchise provides that real estate eligible for exemption is limited to a new production site or a complement to an existing production plant.