Zoom Terms And Agreements

This article discusses some of the most important points in Zoom`s terms and conditions. Our intention is not to deter people from using Zoom, but to help users understand the most important points in terms so that they can decide whether the platform is right for them. You acknowledge that third-party vendors are ultimately responsible for system availability and correction of errors, errors or problems related to Zoom`s operation, and that GSUSA cannot engage or be held accountable for system availability and cannot guarantee that Zoom is error-free or that problems can be resolved. GSUSA reserves the right to modify or revoke gSusa ZOOM LICENSE or Zoom Services at any time without notice and without any liability. Your continued use of GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE as a result of such a change constitutes the acceptance of amendments to this Agreement and your consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. 20.4 General provisions. This agreement represents the entirety of the agreement reached between the contracting parties that comply with the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all prior agreements and agreements between the parties that comply with that purpose, except that if you or your company have entered into a separate written agreement or if you have signed an order form for a separate agreement governing your use of the Services, controls this Agreement to the extent that a provision of this Agreement conflicts with the terms of this Agreement. Zoom may, from time to time, amend or complete the terms of this agreement at its sole discretion. Zoom will make economically appropriate business efforts to inform you of the substantial changes made to this agreement. Within 10 business days of booking changes to this Agreement (or ten (10) business days from the notification date, if this is done, they are mandatory for you.

If you don`t agree with the changes, you should stop using the services. If you continue to use the services after such a 10-day working period, you are presumed to have accepted the changes to the terms of this Agreement. In order to participate in certain services, you may be informed of the need to download software and/or accept additional terms and conditions. Unless these additional conditions are expressly provided, these additional conditions are included in this agreement. This agreement was drafted in English and this version is controlled in all respects, and any non-English version of this agreement is exclusively for accommodation. Any violation of the terms of use or other agreements or policies included in this concept by you or your Council may lead you to refuse or terminate the use of a GSUSA ZOOM LICENCE by you or your board. You will compensate GSUSA, your boards and their affiliates, directors, executives, employees, licensees, service providers, agents (the “GSUSA”) and you will defend against losses, costs, claims, damages, liability, expenses or measures resulting directly or indirectly from the disclosure, use, transfer, abuse or abuse of the GSUSA, or your violation of these terms of use or your violation of these terms of use. GSUSA disclaims any responsibility for the unauthorized use or use of the GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE and assumes no responsibility to boards, members or third parties for the use of GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE, whether authorized or unauthorized. You and your Council are alone and individually responsible for its actions, omissions and obligations in the context of this sub-Assembly. Zoom`s terms have also, in a reasonable way, set limits on what companies can share.