French Adjective Agreement Calculator

An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun. All French adjectives correspond in number (singular or plural) and sex (male or female) to the nouns they describe. In fact, in French, all words must correspond in a single sentence: for example, if the noun or pronoun is singular, its verb and all the adjectives that describe it must also be singular. If the noun is feminine, the adjective it describes must also be feminine. The singularadjectives that end on a silent e do not change in the feminine. The masculine and feminine forms are written and pronounced in the same way: Most adjectives add to the masculine singular form e to obtain the feminine singular. Be careful if you see masculine adjectives that end on -e, -eux, -f and -er, because for these, do not simply add e. (Note that adding this e to a previously silent consonant leads to the establishment of this consonant. However, there is no change in pronunciation when adding e to a vowel.) In Table 1, you will find a list of common adjectives in their masculine or feminine form. Make the feminine singular of the male singulars that end on f by changing -f in – ve. See Table 4.

Unlike English, most French adjectives are placed according to the nouns they change. However, a few adjectives precede the noun. If you use more than one adjective to describe a noun, you must also follow the investment rules. The masculine singularadjectives that end on them form the feminine by changing ‐ x in ‐se, as shown in Table 3. The irregular adjectives presented in Table 7 have no rules and must be memorized. Some male singularadjectives form the feminine by doubling the final convsonant before the extension. See Table 6. Form the singular feminine of singular masculine adjectives that end on é by adding – e, as shown in Table 2. The French use special forms of beautiful (bel), new (new) and old (old) in front of masculine nouns beginning with a vowel or vocal sound.

However, if the adjective comes after the noun, the regular masculine form is used: master the rules of French grammar to improve your writing Contact us if you want to implement a spell check tool suitable for your business (for French, English or other languages). If you are looking for a PC product, we recommend Cordial. If multiple corrections are possible, you will be prompted to select one. There are cases where errors are skipped to limit the display of alerts or if the proposed corrections are not perfectly adapted to the context….