Tour Package Agreement Format

Contracts relating solely to the provision of transport services, only tourist accommodation or other separate travel arrangements cannot be presented as contractual cases of travel organisation or package planning, do not benefit from the protection of the Tourism Act and the contractual conditions of each supplier apply. The responsibility for the proper performance of the contract lies with the service provider. Where linked travel arrangements are booked, the traveller is protected to reimburse payments received for services that were not performed due to the insolvency of the contractor who recovered the amounts paid by the traveller. Such protection shall not entail reimbursement in the event of the insolvency of the service provider concerned. 1. Visiting agreement: this is the contract you should have with each age from 18 years old. It is also called “exclusion of liability”, “general conditions” or “conditions of use”. Participants must agree that your company is not responsible for the actions or omissions of a tour operator or event beyond your control. It also contains your payment and cancellation terms and many other important disclosures, shares, etc. An example of disclaimer for tour operators is available here: Do not use the sample without obtaining legal advice to tailor it to your specific needs. 2. Host Agency Agreement: As a new business, you`ll probably want to use an established travel agency for your bookings to get higher commissions or better net prices than you can receive on your own.

In industry terminology, the established agency will become your host agency, and you will be an independent contractor (IC) of the host. Great hosts have their own standard IC chords, and in my experience, all of these contracts prefer the host. However, all of them are negotiable and you may even be asked to present your own IC agreement. (e) the minimum number of persons necessary for the package holiday and the period provided for in point (a) of Article 41(5) before the start of the package holiday for the possible termination of the contract if that number is not reached; If the terms set forth in this Agreement are breached, the responding Party shall have the opportunity to terminate this Agreement. 9. The traveller may refuse the alternatives offered only if they are not comparable to what has been agreed in the package travel contract or if the price reduction granted is insufficient. The combination of travel services you offer is classified as a package in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302. The Parties undertake not to transfer or sell any part of this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Party applying such measures. 3. Agreement between the debacles or the destination management company (DMC): In addition to booking important tourist items such as air and accommodation, you will be with destination providers for services such as travel vehicles, group meals and local guide contracts. Many of these companies try to work without formal contracts, but you should at least try to get them to sign contracts that require the lowerer or DMC to compensate and defend your company against claims related to their services.

1. The organizer/organizer is covered by a civil liability insurance contract in favor of the traveler in compensation for damage resulting from the violation of the obligations assumed by the contract.2. .