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10 Fake Headlines for Some Truly Weird Stock Photos of Cats

Stock photos power the Internet. But some of them are so very weird, you have to wonder what was the photographer thinking? Well, maybe he or she was hoping for news headlines like these. (Our apologies to Shutterstock.)

Supercat Saves Fourth Poultry Farm This Week

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Ballooncat Last Seen Crossing the Horizon

“He’s expected in China,” shrugs owner

More Kittens Enrolling in School

“To what end?” wonders nervous world

Cats Prefer Food to Sex, Study Shows

Study conducted by Dr. Helen Palmer (pictured)


John Mayer’s Cat Quits Tour, Cites “Exhaustion”

“I’ve been sleeping only 10 hours a day,” sighs sleepy Wonderland

Cat Kills Owner in Midwestern Occult Shocker

“Stay out of the corn,” warns Puddles

Meet the Richest Cat in the World

And his manservant, Stephan. “I have bread. Would you like bread?” asks Stephan.

Trendwatch: More Kids Cooking for Their Parents

“A terrible, horrible idea,” cites ER doctor. “Just the worst idea on the planet, ever.”

Unexpected Friendship to End Violently Right About Now

No? Okay, how about now! Now! Now?


 Buttons Refuses to Eat Boiled Tofu Dog

Must stay at table until she does.


Cats Find Life on the Streets Purrrfect

“Screw the condo, this is living,” says General Whiskers. “Hold on, I need to scratch for a few days.”