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December 21, 1998 Permalink

The problem is, y2k and the banking liquidity crisis now overlap. The bankers must solve both before the bank runs of 1999 begin. They have no idea how to solve either.

The banking system is not complant. Getting a few U.S. banks compliant solves nothing in an international economy. Yet we keep hearing from flaks in high places that this or that U.S. bank is “just about compliant.” The flaks are silent as to European and Japanese banks.

When the checks don’t cash, the programmers will walk. When the programmers walk, all the happy-face chatter about fixing y2k will be over for good.

—Gary North, garynorth.com, 12/21/98

I find myself LOL about all the people who think the 3rd world will not be affected, *IF* the industrial world shuts down who is going to supply the truck tires, parts, well pumps, food aid, medical supplies, steel, ETC>> ad infinitum, that these countries have all come to depend on. This is where the big #s of deaths will come from. Crowded primitive cities just hanging by a thread till the last of the waste treatment shuts down for the count. Typhoid, Colera, E-Coli, TB, Scurvey.... and no shipments of vaccinations from the US and Europe, with no ability to make thier own. No fertilizer and pesticides for the meager crops they do produce, Ya Right, they will hardly notice Y2K at all.

—mr_rich1, comp.software.year-2000, 12/21/98

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