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December 25, 1998 Permalink

Subject: How does a man find a y2k savvy mate?

When the thought first occurs one wouldn’t think that it would be all that hard. If I can read the writing on the wall, surely others can as well. But this is the type of thing that sorta kills a first date.

In my y2k internet adventures so far I have found plenty of folks preparing: married folks, elderly folks, single men, and even single women, but unfortunately there’s this “MINE” mentality out there and everybody it seems, single women too, that I’ve met aren’t interested in sharing their toys.

While, of course, it would be nice to find someone with a ton of money/preps already, that’s not the greatest gift someone can have to survive this disaster, mental toughness is. I figure that a young, single mother struggling to put food on the table is probably a better long-term candidate than a professional who is used to having all the creature comforts. This is not a knock on anybody, just my thoughts on the subject.

I already have alot in place, probably much more than our ancestors did when founding this country and I add to it every week, slowly but surely. I have a spot in the Great White North far from the maddening crowds.

Anybody know somebody interested in loving/marrying a terribly wonderful guy <g>?

—wolverine, comp.software.year-2000, 12/25/98

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