On This Day Pre-Y2K

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December 26, 1998 Permalink

I CANNOT understand this sort of thinking.

They now have a little over a year left to fix the phones and electric systems.

But come year 2000, if they DO go down, it will only be for a couple of days?

If they couldn’t do it in 371 days, when they have full power, transportation, and communications, how in the hell can they do it in a ‘couple of days’, without power, transportation, and communications?

I can understand if a tree falls on a power line, and it takes a few days to replace the power line. But what happens when 34,000 trees fall on power lines, AT THE SAME TIME!?!?!

Besides, we are NOT talking about downed power lines if we lose power due to Y2K problems.

I repeat, if they can’t fix it in 371 days and it DOES go down, do NOT expect power to be back within 6 months.

—phracker, comp.software.year-2000, 12/26/98

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