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December 27, 1998 Permalink

I have 4 children (11,9,7,1), and each of the three oldest know why we moved, generally what we expect, and what they can do to help. The boys are raising chickens (although the still forget to feed them sometimes and Dad has to help) and Bethany is learning a lot of home skills (I know it’s sexist, but she just won’t clean up chicken poop).

The specifics of Y2K, currency crises, deflationary depressions, etc., are beyond them, so they have just taken to calling the potential coming events “the Bad Years”, and are really good about learning new skills, etc. We have incorporated much of it into their homeschool curriculum.

All of our Y2K decisions (moving, food storage, etc.) have been done with their full knowledge, as have the possibilities that some of our friends or family may have to come live with us. They are fully prepared and willing to share what we have with those who may need it more than us.

They have no fear about the Bad Years (I suppose a lot of folks just don’t want to scare the children) because we have taught them to analyze threats and deal with them, rather than running away from them. Our kids know that Bad Things happen, that it’s just part of life.

They also know that I could be wrong, that everyone, including Dad, makes mistakes, so if the Bad Years don’t come this time, the worst that will happen is that they’ve had a dry run for when they finally arrive in the future.

—Bill Hoyt, comp.software.year-2000, 12/27/98

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