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December 30, 1998 Permalink

We must look at the big picture. There is more to what is going on than just y2k, IMHO.

I think we can all agree that the government has been extremly slow in saying anything about anything, other than of course clintooon’s sexual deviance. Why?

You can poo poo the NWO notions all you want. The fact is we are greatly affected by this group of internationalists (Communists). If I need to explain why, you had all better get your head out of the sand, unstop your ears and wipe out your eyes!

Our nation is in serious trouble here and not just from y2k. Look at what the internationalists are saying and doing behind the scenes. Do any of you trust this group? Would you trust any of them to “do the right thing”? Do you trust them and their lawyers with y2k? Where is the evidence if you do? Could there be a bigger agenda?

Let’s say they knew about y2k years in advance, could that be a possibility? I think we can all agree there is an agenda to form a one world government, court system, and world police force. Could the coming months leading up to 2000 be used to create a panic for another agenda? I know , what does it matter, how could they do it if the infastructure is collapsed? What is the benefit to them? Good question. How about population reduction? Is this not part of the NWO agenda? Which nation on this planet could possibly defeat this group of internationalists? Which nation (the only prominant nation left) that still has an armed citizenry? Who do you think they fear more?

Why have we been labeled TERRORISTS? What! US! You must be one of those kooks Rush talks about! (I don’t have the articles I am refering to in front of me, but you can find them at World Net Daily and Free Republics web sites and also on other wire services like AP,UPI and reuters.)

Did you know that any one who is concerned about y2k, stores food, sells their property and moves to rural areas, purchases survival supplies, goes to preparedness expos, believes in the constitution, supports the 2nd amendment, Cristian, and the list just keeps growing. We are now the knew domestic TERRORISTS. Not my writing folks, look it up.

—Michael, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 12/30/98

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