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However, Rick Cowles, a noted utilities expert, commented: “The NERC report acknowledges that the pace of industry Y2K programs must be accelerated dramatically. Yet this acknowledgement is buried beneath a mountain of hopeful words that are not supported by the statistical and empirical evidence.”


How do you ‘dramatically’ accelerate the process. Whip the programmers more? Put more programmers on the job? LOL That will only make it slower.

The most crucial of all industries and about the furthest behind. No statistical or empirical evidence that enough is being done.

Serious trouble with the electrical infrastructure can easily be catsatrohic to everything else.

Pollyannas sit there like pole-axed steers. Eyes glazed over, stooped shoulders and drool running out the corners of there mouths like the in-bred imbeciles that they are.

“Uhhhhh...We don’see no prahhhhhh-blem...”

NO evidence whatsoever that anywhere near enough is being done anywhere in the world much less the 8000+ utilities in the US.

Not to mention gas utilities or water utilities or sewerage and waste treatment facilities.

How many of these are ready right now? Not ONE. Not one on the face of the earth.

Just in the US alone we would have to average 22.2 of them becomeing compliant PER DAY in order to make it.

Did 22 anounce they were ready today. Nope? What about tommorrow? Will 22 be ready then? No. Will 144 of them be ready during the next week? ROTFLAMO

All you pollyannas are lamebrained idiots. Relatively minor problems can collpase the whole thing and you still think that enough has been done.

8000 of these guys have to be ready and as of yet there is still not one utility that is ready. We need to average 22 a day becoming ready. Not a prayer.

—Paul Milne, comp.software.year-2000, 01/04/99

The amount of money being spent for Y2k correction is not a myth. There are probable errors in any repair, mechanical, electrical, electronic or otherwise. It is not logical to assume these repairs will all be accomplished and there will be no residual errors. This is a worldwide design defficiency and the repairs are really only patches onto patched systems which are all interconnected. To assume this design defficiency will not cause serious disruptions to the world’s economy, food production & distribution, and utilities is not within the realm of logical thinking. On the other hand I spent 50 years fighting for logical decisions before I realized that, in the end, all decisions were based on emotion. I read many emotional words in this and other forums and they are entertaining but I will not bet my grandchildren,s lives on emotional pap. He who leads others into death through ignorance is still guilty as hell. There is no risks and small costs in preparing water storage, food storage, and making provisions to stay warm. There is a possibility of death of your loved ones in a few weeks without these items whose total costs is less than the downpayment of a house or the cost of a used car. If the year 2000 transition is minor my family will eat beans and rice wiyh chili. If the worst imagineable catastrophe develops then my family will rice and beans with chili. We eat and enjoy rice and beans with chili now and enjoy it.

—earl j jones, comp.software.year-2000, 01/04/99

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