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January 18, 1999 Permalink

99.9% of the crapola that gets posted about me is third hand mischaracterization and straw men.


What Paul Milne says: I think that many many people will be killed as a direct result of the consequences of Y2K. There will be people who die from lack of food. The very largest part of these will be in third world countries where they are utterly dependent on outside shipments of food. But do not discount place like England and Japan who are NET importers of food. Disease and lack of medical attention. Wars will break out in the likely places, North Korea, Middle East. The Balkans will get worse and so will Africa. The failures of most of the world to come to grips with their IT systems will cause MASSIVE economic dislocation. Enough to cause social mayhem, even in the USA.

What the Mischaracterizers say:

“The world is going to end.”

It is that simple. No matter what you have to say on usenet, some nut case will pcompletely pervert it out of context and spread that crapola all over. One can not avoid such nonsense in usenet.

The world is not going to end. It will for a lot of individuals, but for the rest it will go on, but in no way like it did previously. Unless you live in a mountain gorge in Tibet.

In short, if you want to know what I think, ask me. My e-mail address is available to you. Don’t listen to the crap spewed out by others. You can search dejanews, if you like. I have made over 5500 posts there in the last year.

—Paul Milne, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 01/18/99

OK, here’s a little bet. I’ll even give odds. I’ll throw in a 50 pound bag of rice, 100 rounds of.22 and a canteen full of Irish Coffee.

Will the President mention Y2K in Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address? And I do mean directly. He either has to say “Y2K” or “The year 2000 computer problem” not some vague mention of “Problems we need to address along the path to the 21st century...”

I think he will.

Any takers? Bets end at 6pm EDT on Tuesday. (obviously, this is just for fun.)

—pshannon, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 01/18/99

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