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January 21, 1999 Permalink

Are you saying, that anyone with kids, who thinks this wont be TEOTWAWKI - and are pretty sure it’ll be just a bit serious, should only prepare for a few weeks?? How sure should they be? What should they base that on? I can tell you one thing, as a mother I could never justify putting my sons future on the line by only preparing for a few weeks, unless I was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I knew more about this and was more right about the fact it’ll just be a bit serious. How can any mother out there who hasnt been lulled to sleep by the press/big business and big brother, who is making an INFORMED decision, decide she knows enough about this, about economics, about business, about government, about a global economy, about an unprecidented event in humanity, decide that she just needs to prepare for a few weeks for her children because she is 100% sure she doesnt need to prepare for more? I have NO idea how bad this will be, I’m an optomist - I still picture myself March 1 -2000 saying “huh??????” but I also realize I coudl be saying “how dare those pathetic excuses for human beings have spent a year or two trying to lull the public into thinking this would be no big deal”

I can tell you .. I will be very very happy if I am totally wrong and it is (cough) just a bump in the road. But I can tell you .. I cant even percieve right now how I’d live with myself if I were one of those media people, business people, big brother people who spent a year or two INTENITONALLY trying to imply that people shouldnt prepare for this, or should just prepare for a few weeks.

I do know this, if things get alot worse then I think they will be. I’ll make it my lifes work for a year or two to make sure everyone knows WHO *intentionally* lulled the public for $$ reasons, power reasons or ego reasons. It wont matter to them, they’ll all be thinking “well everyone else was saying it too” but it’ll matter in to the *next* time. When will be the *next* time? Who knows, perhaps the super-virus that is immune to all known anti-biotics (they’ve been trying to warn us now for a few years.. much-like we were trying to warn folks 5 years ago on y2k) .. I dont know .. but I do know this .. if Y2k end s up worse then I think it’ll be.. the pollyannas ... WONT be forgotten.. I WILL make sure of that. I don’t think it’ll be *that* bad thanks to those who got folks working on this the last few years (THEY wont be forgotten either.. I’ll make sure of that)

—Y2K Whit, comp.software.year-2000, 01/21/99

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