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January 22, 1999 Permalink

Last night I went to the annual meeting of my PUD (townhouse development) and volunteered to chair a committee to begin to organize our 220-unit development for ‘disaster preparedness’ for both y2k and the inevitable earthquake. Much to my surprise, I was met with enthusiasm! I talked about y2k, and how we might suddenly find ourselves a village, needing to know our neighbors. I mentioned that FEMA, the RC and NG were asking us to prepare. After the meeting, several people came up. One said a friend’s Assoc. had just done this, and she would get their info. Another is on Dis Prep for a 32-story office building in SFO. Another is a Kaiser Nurse Manager, who was in the middle of the Hawaiian hurricane. And the President asked me to take an upcoming vacancy on the board to lend weight to my efforts.

My view is that more and more people are surreptitiously preparing on their own - as I go about getting my supplies, the clerks are usually pretty hip. Nobody is saying much out loud - or going to public meetings - because they don’t want to be identified as prepared in the minds of those who aren’t.

My church (in another EB town) is having it’s third Y2K prep meeting on Sunday. Last one, we formed task forces to gather info. This time, we will divide up into geographical areas/neighborhoods for local support groups. It is happening. Time is short. Supplies will soon be even shorter.

—kookoo@cococo.com, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 01/22/99

Y2K is the kiss of death on just about *any* resume. It means your last employer thought you were such a total fuck up he put you on the one project (maintenance) that sucks hind tit in any organization.

That’s the way any potential new employer is going to see it. It would look even worse if you were involved in a *FAILED* Y2k project. *THIS* is one of many reasons why I vote on probable effects the way I do, and demand usurious rates for Y2K work.

Y2K is not sexy, and we are not putting our best and brightest on it. In fact, our best and brightest are running like multicolored hell, and who can blame them?

—Frank Ney, comp.software.year-2000, 01/22/99

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