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January 26, 1999 Permalink

This is has done it. I’m now going all cash.

Last Friday, husband gave himself a bonus of $6,500. at my request to pay off our credit cards (he’s owner of the business.) He withdrew the money from his business account with FirstUnion, and deposited it in our private account with FirstUnion.

Today, I go to the ATM to withdraw some cash, the balance shows -4.03

I walk in the bank and go see the manager. She pulls my account on the screen, the deposit doesn’t show. She verifies the accuracy of the deposit slip, it’s accurate. She’s stumped and calls headquarters. Headquarter is stumped, and tells me that an inquiry will have to be made as to where that money went. It shows as being withdrawn from the business account, but no trace as to where it went. She tells me the inquiry will take 3 to 5 days!

My mind is realing at this point. But I contain myself and simply tell my branch manager that I’m upset and although I understand that they’ve just merged, this is unacceptable. She is understanding and promises to credit my account for anything that might bounce, charges etc.

Husband was frantic at first when I called him, but when I mentioned that I had warned him things like this could happen to us throughout ‘99, he became speachless.

This is my second bank related mistake in my life that I can remember, both happened within 3 months.


—Chris, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 01/26/99

Well obviously Clinton is not alone, I’ve always maintained that nothing would ever happen to him as long as he had the backing. Ever feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory? I do. OK new scenerio. y2k comes the terrorists hit all those non-compliant systems. We (they) must strike back! It turns out to be Timothy McVey’s group, and they are in the hills of Arkansas! Oops. But they were bad too. Oklahoma! Oops, but they were connected! Wyoming-Montana! Big battle we can see it on CNN. See how the Apache helecopters come in at night and tear up the compounds of those radicals! Found another group of militants in Colorado! Under the guise of helpful community minded citizens. The Cassandra Group was finally linked to the ciber-terrorists. Many terrorists have been found individually in the rural areas, they have been arrested and charged with terrorism. The masses go back to sleep. BELIEVE IT!!

—sam, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 01/26/99

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