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January 30, 1999 Permalink

Every day my wife and I work on our preparations. We hit the local used merchandise shops and look for all the warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, cast iron cookware, food dehydrators, etc. we can get. We’ve bought a complete library of how-to books (How to live without electricity, etc.). And, the list of preparations goes on and on. And, we still feel very unprepared. It all takes so much time.

In the past I taught winter survival skills classes; we’ve raised and milked goats; raised red satin rabbits for meat; kept and trained horses and mules; and studied and gathered wild edible plants. We’re also into natural healing using herbs, etc. And, we still feel unprepared! Everything takes so much time.

One of the hardest things to do is alter your lifestyle NOW to begin living to survive this crises. Developing skills takes time. It is laughable to think that many of you are just going to wait till the SHTF and then sit around eating your freeze dried food - good luck! I am talking about eating the basic foods that you may have to eat for the next five years (or maybe longer). You need to be eating food you have stored now and start rotating it. You also need to learn how to grow and preserve your own food. Just go out and buy all the canning jars and lids you can afford. My wife and I are getting really good at making whole wheat bread and meals of rice and beans. Whatever we eat we replace - FIFO. We are trying to practice everything we will need to do to survive a worst case scenario. To do anything less would be stupidity.

I hadn’t picked up a gun for over 15 years. But, my skills are back to what they were when I qualified as an “expert” in the military (M14 and M16). And, I have a good arsenal of firepower for protection and hunting. I’ve even resurrected my trapping and snare making skills (just in case we get hungry for some of the neighborhood cats ;-).

So, to all you Pollyannas, the point of this rather long post is this:




Anything less is foolishness!

—JH, comp.software.year-2000, 01/30/99

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