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February 5, 1999 Permalink

I thought I would let you all know of the latest problem with Y2K. I am a partner in a software development company that is generating Y2K compliant software. But we can’t market our software because insurance companies refuse to insure software companies because of the “risk” of Y2K... Our government clients will not do business with us unless we have insurance. They need our software, we can’t deliver it to them even though we have it prepared and ready to replace their current systems.

Go figure.

Our screwed up society is what is going to bring us down... not programmers or technology. Our own decision to cover our ass are causing problems. My company is here to help, and we can’t. Insurance companies won’t let us. In this regard, insurance companies are just as guilty as the public making rushes on the bank.

Well I better go. It is almost as though this thing were meant to be and there is no stopping it. Anyway, I gotta go... I made a decision today after careful thought to my recent experience with insurance companies - I got an appointment at my bank to close my saving account...

—Ken Boettger, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/05/99

We should all hope there is a calm resurgent wave formation to preparations... no sudden everyone all in one day... just recurrent waves of increased preparations... I can no longer go to the grocery store to buy canned goods without someone making a knowing and approving comment... I went to Home Depot for buckets and the check out person asked did I mind her asking what they were for? I told her: I’m storing corn... She did not look spooked or taken by surprise...she knows... It is my feeling that many people are quietly, calmly and (despite the current labeling) quite rationally preparing. There may be no rush, no sudden knee-gerk reaction...

—Shelia, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/05/99

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