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February 6, 1999 Permalink

I would guess that the “powers that be” realize that the world, as it is going, can not sustain itself for much longer. A disaster much larger than Y2K is in the making. There are “too many people” and too many disparate “interests” among those people. In order for their power to be truly beneficial for themselves and their view of the world, many of those people and their “interests” need to be eliminated. Only then, can “they” build a “truly just and beneficial paradise on earth” with “themselves” at the center of the power structure.

Quick illustrations of this approach would be the fact that the power/ control structure “allows” atrocities to happen such as in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. Sure, they pay lip service to what a horrible thing this is, but offer no REAL solutions that would prevent the UNDERLYING causes of these problems, because they WANT those people to slaughter each other. This serves two purposes - it gets those people out of the way by their own hands, and it conditions “us” to accept it. If “they” really want to solve these problems, all “they” would have to do is redraw a few national borders. But “they” won’t allow that to happen. “They” are not the least bit interested in self- determination.

So, what’s the end-game to be? I would suggest that IF “they” have their way, twenty years from now there will be two-three billion fewer people in the world. A small elite will control things through a single corporate dictatorship that will know everything about everyone. Our freedoms now are being curtailed with this in mind as the end result.

—pshannon, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/06/99

I have quite a few jars of tomato sauce in the basement. You can occasionally pick up store brands and other basic brands for under a dollar for a two-pound jar. When we make tomato sauce, and I see how many tomatoes go into a quart, it amazes me that they can sell it for that. Especially when you look at the price of tomatoes in the grocery store. Makes me want to build a greenhouse. I also have cans of sauce, which can dip to 89 cents each. While I prefer cans to jars because they are tougher to break, I am worried about them splitting with sauce. I guess that the sugar content of the sauce reduces the acidity over plain tomato paste or other more “pure” tomato products. Nothing uglier than a black goo bubbling out of a can of stewed tomatoes. Yech!

I am also planning to order some of Dave’s Mylar bags (both sizes) and oxygen absorbers and add to our 5-gallon pails. We eat plenty of rice around here, so I will buy a few big bags of rice at the warehouse store and pack some of my own. I will also put away some more sugar. Sugar is great for making flavored juices, jellies, baking, etc. And when all you can find is sour apples, it makes the sauce taste sweeter. Plus, I can’t make my own and it will keep me out of the bee’s nest. And these items, the sugar and rice, are things we will easily use if Y2K fizzles.

I will start purchasing items like oodle-noodles packs, more pasta, cereals and baking mixes (cakes, muffins, etc.) this summer and pack them in mylar bags with o2 absorbers and store then in 5-gallon buckets. I figure May or June is a good time frame to do this -- close enough to Y2K that they will stay relatively fresh, but before too much panic sets in.

I have a separate room for Y2K/survival supplies, but it is growing full. We have some of the cheap metal shelving units, but too much of this stuff is actually bending the shelves! The gallon jugs of water are doing this the worst. I am planning to build some very heavy-duty shelves the easy way -- piles of cinder blocks and 2x12s or 2x6s. This will also provide lumbar and blocks should I need them at some point in the future.

Speaking of lumber, I plan on stocking of heavy plywood -- enough to cover all or most of the windows. This way, if we need to board up the windows either before or after an attack, we will have the materials on hand. And if not, there are always plenty of things to do with extra plywood.

—Jack, Diary of a Survivalist, 02/06/99

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