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February 7, 1999 Permalink

I think this rollover is the first real test. I’ve hedged all along with this FY99, and Jan1, 99 stuff, never really haven bitten on it fully. But I’m biting fully on the FY00 rollover. It’s no longer just “look ahead” routines then that are to be evaluated then. The core logic routines are going to be tested every single day by this one. And closing month ends should be after the rollover will be another beauty on top of the daily stuff.

I hope Gartner has a way of surveying the damage so that they can predict what will happen when the - gasp - rest of the world rolls over in July/October. That whole situation in April, and Gartner, and with implications for the July rollovers will be a turning point in all this. I will be most surprised if the FY00 rollover is a dud. In fact, there is so much mounting now in the way of failure stories that I think it’s a done deal for FY00.

If a Canadian or Japanese system could not handle a lousy calendar 99 year rollover, how is it going to handle a FY00 rollover? Ain’t.

Still, the main event throws many more curve balls at an IT operation than this one. FY rollovers affect what? Accounting routines, basically. Whence the test for the OS, the hardware and peripherals? Whence the test for the stamina of the coders, the patience of the customers, and the nerves of the customer service reps on the tied up phones?

Phones? Phones? Did I say phones?

—phinias_t_foobar, comp.software.year-2000, 02/07/99

My recent visits to SAM’s, Home Depot, and Lowe’s has revealed the following:

Lowes (1 store)...generators (0), pitcher pumps (0) 10 backordered

Home Depot (3 stores)..generators (0)

SAM’s (2 stores)..generators (0)

One of the SAM’s had a spooky sight. The risers in the three can goods aisles were empty. The only stock was on the floor. You could stand in back aisle and see all the way down to the candy with no obstructions. 50 lb bags of rice were plentiful however.

I frequent these stores often. The above observations are not normal for this area except in the threat of a hurricane.

—MVI, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/07/99

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