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February 9, 1999 Permalink

Every time the word ‘gold’ appears in this newsgroup, you are the first reply, with a derisive comment of some kind. Obviously you hate to see people talking about gold.

You don’t want me to talk about gold. I am here to talk about gold.

So you offer me a “challenge” whereby I cease my gold posts? Essentially that is a challenge for you to get what you want. No matter how much you hate it, I will continue to talk about that ultimate form of *money*: GOLD.


Here is what I have been predicting: The demand goes up, followed by a premium increase, followed by a spot price increase. If those shorts get squeezed, the spot price will go into the thousands of dollars per ounce. I don’t know the exact market top, anyone who does is lying. For you to predict “310” is not much of a prediction, since the price would have to pass that mark on its way up to ANY figure.

Let me restate: You desperately want me to stop talking about gold. You hate the fact that gold is money. You have challenged me to “stop talking about gold.” I will not do so: that is merely giving you what you want. You will have to continue seeing my posts pop up, occasionally followed by one of your ludicrous arguments that gold is not money, that a flat price line in the face of shortage and increasing demand does not imply manipulation, etc etc. It is your goal in life, as other posters have pointed out, to get in the last word. That’s fine, the last word is not all that important to me. What’s important to me is that I make my point and people understand it, and I am succeeding. Something that would not occur if I suddenly stopped posting about gold.

—Chris Odom, comp.software.year-2000, 02/09/99

I do not believe our house -- or almost any house, for that matter -- could withstand an attack from a serious group of attackers. Bullets can go through wallboard, siding and insulation very easily. Brick may or may not stop a .223, but nothing heavier. I may look into sandbags for a few of the best positions, but my plan is to convince them to go elsewhere. To broadcast that we are not a soft target. As a result, I many need to rethink the number of people we invite to stay with us. I think it would take at least six or eight adults each with a good battle rifle, to successfully hold off roving bands of refugees. It will be a well-organized gang or a government squad with heavy weapons that will cause us the most problems. Whether or not kids with .22s will be allowed to help will depend on the desperateness of the situation and the age and mental outlook of the kid.

—Jack, Diary of a Survivalist, 02/09/99

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