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February 12, 1999 Permalink

God granted men their “inalienable” rights, but it is the Constitution of the United States that is the guarantor of government restraint. Post-Clinton, this certification is expired, null and void. Reestablishment the Constitutional rule of law, and impartial justice under the law, must be “ground zero” for a new political party. Now is the time for conservative leaders to LEAD the way. Now is the moment for these gentlemen and women to lead an exodus from the Republican Party.

If you have not done so read the history of the rise of Hitler and the methods he used to consolidate his power. The parallels between Nazi Germany and changes implemented by our own government since George Bush occuppied the White House are indeed scary. I site as just one example the blending of the military and civilian police forces in recent years.

This scares me more than Y2K but then again a Y2K of 8 to 10 may be the only thing that can stop our headlong rush into tyranny.

—Ed, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/12/99

If the Senate votes to acquit Clinton then he has become our defacto King with all that that implies. What is the real difference between his Executive Orders and Royal Decrees?? As the Deutsche Volke adored their “savior” Adolph Schicklegruber, Joe and Jane Sixpack, Biff SUV and Jill Soccermom, and even Bob and Betty Bureaucrat worship at the feet of Clinton and his courtiers, Rubin, Greenspan, and Summers IMHO. The setup of certain groups for scapegoat status can now be completed speedily in case the crap does hit the fan. God help us all.

—Jeremiah Jetson, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/12/99

At a 5, TEOTWAWKI is inevitable. This is not the same as TEOTW. Islanding is very probable. See Harlan Smith’s “Austere Infrastructure” http://www.scotsystems.com/harlany2k.html - In order to reconnect the islands one must assume quite a variety of circumstances are right. Controllable civil disorder, food delivered, usable telecomm, usable utilities, water, sewage, sufficient fuel, etc. One must assume sufficient amounts of sub-infrastructure components available in order that the reconnection proceed. One must assume that erosion of the knowledge base has not proceeded to much of an extent.

It isn’t so much preventing TEOTWAWKI, just a hard hit to the Ad and Entertainment Industries will effect that easily, it is using the islands to create a sustainable balance between resources and population comfort. If each island is able to reach prolonged steady state, then it might be possible to create Wide Area Civilizations. If the islands fail to reach steady state, erosion of knowledge and components will create a situation in which the rebuilt Wide Area Civ resembles our current Civ less and less.

I’m not sure that we as a Civ retain at this late date any control over the type of re-emergant Society. This will create potential political conflict even if reconnecting Islands is physically possible.

—Mitchell Barnes, Time Bomb 2000 Forum (LUSENET), 02/12/99

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