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On a national level, there is a culture war happening right now. It’s a smaller version of what’s happening globally. It’s basically the “Fundamentalists vs. the Globalists.” It takes on different flavors in different cultures. In this country, the big ticket item in this culture war has been the “Right’s” effort to destroy Clinton. It’s bigger than religious persnicketiness, semen stained dresses and shady political contributions. It’s certainly not “Republicans vs. Democrats.” That does not exist. That’s a diversion. What it really boils down to is “Local autonomy vs, Global control.”

The Globalists have been pushing for control for years. Generations. Central Banking has been the tool with which to consolidate their power. Cultural phenomenon have certainly played their parts. McDonald’s is the food of global society, Mickey Mouse is it’s mascot. (Walt Disney was a globalist, BIG TIME!) I could go on and on about this, but the Y2K connection is that IF .Gov and BigBiz really had the interests of INDIVIDUALS in mind, there would have been a push to inform people about the possibilites and consequences YEARS ago. (1995 or 1996 at the latest) This would have given individuals, small companies and poorer nations, (upon whom we depend for the bulk of our consumer products), plenty of time to fix problems and do what needed to be done without panic or economic problems. But they didn’t take that approach. With 10 months to go they STILL haven’t taken that approach.

So, taking into account all the seeming contradictions of domestic and foreign policy, and adding this approach to Y2K into that mix, things make sense in a different way. If you read history, you will learn that there are many techniques that can be used to control a society. (start with Rome, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union for some clues) Looking at the Globalists overlay to the Y2K thing, it APPEARS as though many of those techniques are being used and will be used for them to consolidate power. Unfortunately, I believe that one of those techniques that will show up around rollover will be mass terror.

—pshannon, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/19/99

As I visited with my nonagenarian grandmother yesterday, I saw the machine she used to sustain her life plugged into the wall - a machine that manufactures oxygen from air. Beside her were bottles of medicines, produced by highly sophisticated machines, then transported by fueled vehicles in hours to her air conditioned bedside, all guided by a maze of computers.

As I returned to my home, I looked into my pantry - richly stocked from a food distribution and agriculture system of astonishing complexity and all energized, coordinated and distributed by complex, quasi-intelligent systems - all powered from the grid. I realized that if Y2K cut the power to my grandmother’s bedside, she would not live more than three or four days as the supply of bottled oxygen dwindled to nothing and her medications ran out. And in my own home, if the power failed, I and my family could hang on only a few more weeks or perhaps a month as our food supplies dropped us and our neighborhood into a condition of famine as severe as any in equatorial Africa within days. At that moment, I looked over the edge of the platform and saw how awfully far up we were and just how shaky the supports seemed to be.

I also realized anew that the power grid of the United States is comparable to the nerve impulses of our body. If a patient suffers a heart attack, and the oxygen and nutrients stop to the body - the clock to irreparable damage begins ticking immediately. Within seconds, the first cells begin to die. Within minutes, irreversible damage begins and in less than ten minutes, all hope is over - the ultimate damage is done. The nerve impulses will stop and cannot be restarted.

If there is a widespread failure to the power grid and the fossil fuel distribution network in the world and in America during Y2K, the same effect will be realized. Some of the weaker cells in the population will die almost immediately - those plugged directly into the grid. The nutrient (food) supply to the nation will stop until the restart is effected. The clock to famine begins running the very first second the power goes down. The first deaths will be triggered by the direct loss of power, but the full, terrible effects of an indirect loss of power will be felt in the succeeding weeks and months. Eventually, the nation will be so devastated, we will not be able to restart the grid at all - the patient will have died as the platform that supports him begins its swift process of self destruction.

In the final analysis, the Y2K power distribution discussion is actually reduced to this picture, after all. As my professor said so well in 1972, power IS life in America. And without it, the artificial platform built on fragile legs, and all of the supports connected together, will collapse and the nation will literally die.

—Dennis Chamberland, Cory Hamasaki’s DC Y2K Weather Report, 02/19/99

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