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February 20, 1999 Permalink

This is a serious question which I have pondered since last year. I DO know that God will severely punish America for gross sins committed constantly in His presence. I think that Y2K is a red herring, and that judgment will fall BEFORE Y2K. This is the BIG SURPRISE which shall shock everyone!

Perhaps during the GPS rollover in August, perhaps during the next nuclear exchange between certain Asian countries or perhaps due to some other significant crisis in other foreign countries, subsequently there will be a massive panic in America, and ungodly Pandemonium will prevail. The stock market will crash completely. Commerce will deteriorate into very ugly problems involving bank runs. You’ll witness shocking newscasts of riots and various infernos in major cities. The minority who have prepared will be somwhat secure, but the general populace which finally gets it will panic in the extreme. Very, very bad times are ahead.

Does anyone out there in cyberspace have the same impression I have that America will suffer a heinous economic collapse BEFORE Y2K? If so, then what are your reasons? Please tell me the truth.

—dinosaur, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/20/99

i’m a gi and believe 3to1 that something will happen withnb y2k. someone mentioned AYN RAND;she has been the biggest influence on my thinking since i read “CAPITALISM:THE UNKNOWN IDEAL”. WE ARE SINKING DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO STATISMas time goes on.that is, the govt. is getting more intrusive than everand only amounts to which gang is in power. i dont see why we have to votefor the lesser of two evils.is this why our fathers fought and died for? a plumber once said “you either vote for cat shit or dog shit”. surely this is un acceptable! anyway i think the founding fathers based our economic and political freedom on the concept of private property rights. all rights fall under this umbreella and is in my mind the only way that hnmanebeings can live together. as she said’this is moral and rational. we most definitely know that socialism is not the answer even thoughh your president and his team keep trying to shove it down our throats. don’t you think so? and whatn better way than to destroy the concept of prinate property rights tyhan +to indoctrinate our school kids to sacrifice for the group.( i’m sure i’m not saying this right).wether its cyclical or not, why is the american people settling for this hogwash? dont worry about a national sales tax, the govtis already confiscating more money by taxing certain items that they think is bad for us! how arrogant can they get!!!! perhaps the revolution hasnt started yet because most of us do ok and we havent had to put it on the line yet because we stand to lose to much. ive often wondered if the BEAST of REVELATIONS might not be worldwide socialism and if you dont want to play youll be cut out of the herd. no free thinkers allowed.

—heyU, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/20/99

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