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February 25, 1999 Permalink

Did anybody else see the segment on NBC Nightly News on February 24th, 1999? They showed the scenario of how nuclear missiles could be launched by Y2K and it included a statement that indirectly quoted from my “Nuclear War and the Millennium Bug” page.

According to General John Gordon, the Deputy Director of the CIA, he reported the following to Congress today, “we do not see a problem in terms of Russian or Chinese missiles automatically being launched or nuclear weapons in any way detonating because of computer glitches that might come from Y2K”

Russian and Chinese missiles “automatically” being launched? Looks like the CIA has been reading my web page because that’s the idea express there;

Nuclear War and the Millennium Bug http://www.terminator3armageddon.com/conspira/nukey2k.html

It also explain why some of the webtraffic logs on my website last year had addresses that ended in “.mil”, “.gov” and other addresses that couldn’t be traced.

The rest of NBC’s segment trailed off onto other Y2K glitches in hopes of distracting the viewers from learning that Y2K could start World War III. Only the gullible will believe the CIA sponsored disinformation piece on NBC and be vaporized on New Years Eve.

—Daniel Perez, comp.software.year-2000, 02/25/99

This event, like planning for a child - is first, and strange, and new. We are 10 months out (the alerted couple wonders if the TEST will return positive, or “non-compliant” results); the future is all around us, an istinct here - a superstition there: a baby, another future is on its way. Preparing for this gig is the same fretful nesting that makes a secure home for that babe -- new world, some budget detaiing, stockpiling strange, new pantries of cleaners, foods and apparatus. Plan on the inevitability of disruption in your life. Make this nest what you are really doing this year (sure: you work your work, date your dates, and enjoy gourmet restaurant food as long as you possibly can - no dis cory), and if the babe doesn’t quite timetable, your philosophy’s clearer, your family’s closer, and no-one’s gonna ask ya “why the extra breast-water-fuel-pump?” at a yard sale in 2002. The world’s expecting: boy, girl?; healthy, weak? Having a few months worth of pampers on hand is necessary in all eventualities.

—Paul BARRY, comp.software.year-2000, 02/25/99

This is a quick test you can get your relatives and friends to do:

Ask them to write down today’s date.

If they write down a two digit year format then I am sad to say that in all probability come the Year 2000 they will either die or start outputting erroneous data.

There is still time to fix your relatives and friends, make sure you don’t lose your loved ones. Get them to start writing down the full 4 digit year now!


If our world’s society does collapse and we all end up being toast. Imagine in the future if Aliens visit our little blue world, they’ll look at our computer data and think that our civilization’s calender went only for 99 revolutions of the sun.

I can see the books now ‘The Rise and Fall of the Human Civilization in 99 revolutions of their sun.’

At least we’ll be famous and known throughout the Universe. :-)

—Simon Richards, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/25/99

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