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February 28, 1999 Permalink

What is going to happen when disaster stikes this country will indeed be horrible, because we as a nation no longer hold Christian values sancrosanct. In the 1930’s the vast majority of Americans genuflected to Biblical values and beliefs, at least outwardly - this provided a strong glue that helped society hold together during rough times. Today that glue has been largely dissolved by secular humanism (the new state religion), situational ethics (otherwise known as moral relativism), and the pandering by the media to every base emotion and instinct that man has. Belief in the myth of evolution has caused many to believe that this life is all there is, so that they’d better get it all now, and let the devil (or in their case, natural selection), take the hindmost.

What this will result in is a situation where people, having lost their temporal comforts and waypoints, will steal, rob and kill others not only if they are in truly desperate need, but at the slightest provocation. After all, for a people that allows the killing of its unborn children, the crossover to killing anyone else deemed “inconvenient” will be easy of accomplishment. Like spoiled children, they will want what others have, and if strong enough will take it from them. Because they have been conditioned over the past five decades to suck from the public teat, when it runs dry they will follow the socialist dictum that “in times of great stress, all property is communal.”

Perhaps a great culling is coming, perhaps it’s God’s judgement, I do not know. I DO know that it’s not to late for us. Read the Book of Noah in the Old Testament, and you’ll see that God will repent of His judgement, if we will repent of our sins.

Prayer and repentance is the best accompaniment to food and weapons storage.

—tellingit, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/28/99

I’ve been wondering for a year now how the American population is going to respond to serious disruptions in everyday life.

We will pull together, displaying teamwork and sacrifice, and try to solve the problems as a community?

Or will it quickly degenerate into a selfish, grabbing, clutching, free-for-all?

Since the most popular personal characteristics of the past 30 years are: self-centeredness, a sense of entitlement, instant gratification, rudeness, and an individually-defined moral code, I’ve got a sinking feeling that the free-for-all is the most likely outcome.

The character of our present generation is much, much different than the character of those Americans who weathered the Great Depression and won WW II. Go to a mall this afternoon and spend 20 minutes looking at the expressions on people’s faces and the looks in their eyes. And then imagine how these folks will react if our basic societal infrastructure suddenly collapses.

I, for one, tremble.

—rick blaine, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/28/99

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