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March 3, 1999 Permalink

Beware, this is not a drill. The work hasn’t been done and the facade of “all is well” is starting to crack.

You know the idiots you work for? Would they have fixed an insurmountable problem 5 years in the future? No one did. Well, a few firms made a good try, USAA, BankBoston, Social Security, one or two others.

We have 303 days now. Not enough time by a factor of 5 or so. Check out Steve Heller’s site or Ed Yourdon’s. Both have more than a couple technical smarts to their name but oddly enough, both are locked in a verbal battle with denial-heads.

If you are on the fence, this is a clue. Even if you don’t listen to me, notice that Heller, Yourdon (and Dr. Ed “Yes, I used to program in S/370 Assembly Language, it was fun.” Yardeni), Seymour J. Metz, and lots of others who really know computers are saying the same thing.

This is one honkin’ problem. I could have solved it for one company, even a large one, three years ago. It can’t be solved now.

Remember at Day 500, I issued the warning, it’s not fixes, it’s not triage, it’s contingencies and saving yourself. Today at Day 303, my Day 500 message is considered conservative and prudent.

Tonight, while your family sleeps, think about how you will provide for them in the worse case scenario. We’re out of time to fix the systems but we still have time to provide for ourselves and our communities.

—Cory Hamasaki, Cory Hamasaki’s DC Y2K Weather Report, 03/03/99

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