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I ran across this interesting “employment opportunity” while reading today’s issue of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. This strikes me as a significant indicator that “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. It’s my understanding from research (and a relative who is a 30 year railroad veteran) that “switchmen” were eliminated years ago. Is Union Pacific developing “contingency” plans? Has anyone else seen an ad like this? Any comments?

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Union Pacific Railroad, a multi-billion dollar industry leader, has FULL-TIME openings for TRAINPERSONS based out of St. Paul, MN.

These positions involve the switching & moving of freight trains. WORK IS OUTSIDE REGARDLESS OF WEATHER AND IS PHYSICALLY STRENUOUS. Employees work ON-CALL, are required to work any time, day or night, including weekends. Regular travel that may extend for several days at a time is required. Work schedules are unpredictable.

—Scarlett, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/05/99

No man is an island. (John Donne, right? And he never used a computer!)

Y2K optimists have a common faith: the U.S. is an island (with Canada as a peninsula.) They don’t have happy news about the y2k status of foreign nations, so they keep telling us that the U.S. is “on track.”

The foreign news isn’t just bad; it’s catastrophic. Banking, stocks, shipping: a disaster.

The dominoes are international. The U.S. could be 100% compliant tomorrow. The Year 2000 would still create havoc for the economy.

—Gary North, garynorth.com, 03/05/99

Colloidal silver is wonderful. Numerous times when I have had that “OOh, I ache all over. I know I’m going to be sick for a week” feeling I have taken 1/2 tsp. and in about a half hour I am absolutely symptom free. I have read an entire book about it. Before antibiotics became the rage, it was used for all the things they are used for, and more. (But more $ to be made with antibiotics.) It kills viruses, too. Seems to interefere with the respiratory process of bacteria, molds, viruses, etc. Anyway, it is absolutely for real and I wouldn’t be without it. There are, of course, different qualities of it depending on how it is made. A true colloid has particles so small that they will never settle out. If the particles are too large and you take a lot of it over a long period of time you may begin to look a little gray. (Like old Kodak workers who got silver in their systems.) Still wouldn’t hurt you, though. If you want to know if something works, don’t read about it, try it!

—Shivani, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/05/99

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