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March 6, 1999 Permalink

I think if Slick Willy himself came on with a special broadcast and laid it all out, there still would be no panic. There are too many DWGIs and too many that would never watch that kind of programming on TV. The only time we will see panic is when Jerry Springer does a special. And those people’s idea of stocking up would not be beans and rice. It would be 6 paks, cigarettes, and drugs. The ONLY person in the country that could get Mrs. America off her butt and into the grocery store with full carts, is Opra Winfrey. I wish that she would do a serious show that would take 20 minutes explaining the issue and the rest of the hour telling Mrs. America what she has to do to prepare. Further more.....preparation NOW is a whole different scenario than it was 6 or 8 months ago when the GIs were all buying wheat grinders, canners, jars, generators, BayGen radios, etc. Most of that stuff is no longer available....its all back ordered along with all the freeze dried stuff. So newby preparation lists are going to be different than ours who have been at this awhile. Don’t send someone to buy wheat if he can’t get a grinder and has no solar over, dutch oven or whatever, to bake his bread. Depending on his area, he can’t even get a good size propane tank now. Just my thoughts on the subject, being a person who ALWAYS has been prepared and lives with the idea of always having options.

—Taz, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/06/99

In a book written in 1978 by Gary North PHD, entitled How to survive the coming price controls(which would have happened if Volker, the then Fed Chair, hadnot unexpectantly bit the bullet), the first item when they tell you that there will never be price controlls is to buy as much toilet paper as you can safely house. A second corallary is to buy as many boxes of tampons and you can. If you’re an eligible guy, you’ll have more girlfrineds that you can shake a stick at if youtell them you have tampons!! Anybody here want to go back to yccckkk ....rags?

—Glenna, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/06/99

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