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March 8, 1999 Permalink

Six months ago Senator Bennet used the words “The end of western civilization” when he talked about Y2K. I considered him a hero!

Now he talks about a bump in the road, when he talks about Y2K. Absolutely NOTHING of significance in the Y2K situation has happened to cause him to change his mind! Most likely somebody higher up told him to SHUT UP!

This man who can lie to the American people about Y2K, when he knows better, is a “disgrace” to his country and a “disgrace” to his fellow Mormon Church members! When Y2K proves to be a total disaster, he should be reprimanded by his Church! His excuse of “I didn’t know” will not hold up among his fellow Church members!

When he was working in civillian life in Salt Lake City, he could not even run a paint store! Bennet’s Paint went bankrupt and for many years after that, the building was the biggest eyesore in Salt Lake City!

The building was in shambles, and Bob left it for all to see! Ask any Salt Lake City resident about the terrible eye sore on Second West Street, on the corner of 21st South!!

Mr.Bennet, lying about Y2K could cause the deaths of millions of Americans! Hitler and Stalin did the same. I suggest you raise yourself above those two criminals and stand up for truth and righteousness and tell the American people how it really is with Y2K, so they can prepare and save their lives!!!!

Then you will be remembered as an American hero and as the “Paul Revere” that you call yourself!!!

—Freddie the Freeloader, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/08/99

Just a heads up.....you may have heard of it.

Might be a hoax, but there could be a ring of truth to it......you decide. This is from a letter my boss received the other day.

“I got a call from a man this weekend telling me he represented my bank and that they were having difficulty meeting requirements to be computer ready for Y2K. He said all bank customers would need to transfer their accounts to a bond account specially designed to protect our money until the bank could fully comply with Y2K requirements. He then said to verify that he was talking to the proper account person I needed to confirm information about myself, my account numbers and then give verbal authorization to transfer funds to this specially designed account.”

“I don’t trust folks who do this kind of thing so I asked him which of the banks I use did he represent. He was not able to do that and hung up at that point.”

“Please pass this info to friends or family because this is a huge scam that is going on all across the country. Some people would be scared to think they would lose all their money (which he said was sure to happen if I didn’t do this now) and would supply the information without first checking this out.” “I notified the phone company of the call - since I have caller ID, I could give them a number but the identifier just said “out of area”. It came from a 248 area code, which is around Detroit. Anyway, just passing this along so you’d be aware and beware.”

—Deano, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/08/99

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