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I wish I could agree with you on the ability of current day Americans to bond together and work for community and group instead of self. In WWII the populace was essentially family and community oriented and mostly rural. They were used to helping neighbors with problems--even the stupid neighbors. This essence of community and self has been lost except in isolated areas across this great land. Most citizens today are so busy ‘cooping’ or dealing with Johnney’s Little League or Susi’s skating lesson, they have no concept of ‘needing’ anyone. I grew up in the backwoods of WVa in the 40’s and 50’s. If a neighbor had problems (even of his own making) you went and helped him out. And damn well expected the same of him. Nowdays, your neighbor has a problem, you and the missus watch thru partially closed drapes and either sigh at his ignorance or laugh at his stupidity.

No, I don’t think that the majority of Americans have the ability to ‘respond to the call of the bugle’. The ability to respond is not there, it has been trained out of them by a negative feedback--‘don’t get involved’ and a young lady dies in a park in NY. I do think that if y2k is an 8 or 9 there will be mass mayhem and ‘every man for himself’. Believe me, this old globe isn’t the Titanic anymore where genteel men and ladies promanaded to the lifeboats. It instead turned into a somewhat civilized version of a ‘Soylent Green”.

—Lobo, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/10/99

In my world,(Chicagoland) the people that seem to “Get It” are still not doing anything about it except “talking” about it.

We got Generac 10,000 XL’s at the Home Depot. Lots of Rice at Sams. However, Fox news reported that Wood Stove sales were way up this winter. How many of these people will order 3 cords of wood for next year is another matter. “I’ll just pick up a bundle of birch & a DuraFlame log at the 7-11 when I buy my Lotto ticket”

Every one of them says they will “start” their “plan” whatever it may be, beginning “this summer”

they’re all a little busy right now.

They feel that will be “plenty of time”

But that’s just around here.

According to a Sun-Times reporter who is aware of my plans, when I last talked to him, he said he had run into NOONE else who was preparing “at the moment”.

—lsetta, comp.software.year-2000, 03/10/99

Yesterday, a guy I know who works at the local post office came in and we started talking about things. I asked him if the post office was going to be ready for the year-2000 rollover. He said he thought the whole thing was overblown, and that all people have to do is turn off the computers on the 31st and turn them back on again on the 1st - no big problem! He thinks that is how Y2k issues are going to be resolved. However, he was mad that he couldn’t get his usual monthly troy ounce of silver at the local coin dealer. He said they told him they were out and couldn’t get any because people were scared about Y2k. He said it was unbelievable to him that people were HOARDING over Y2k. Yes - he used the big “H” word. Does it look to you like people’s misplaced anger may be directed at those who are preparing. We’re already being labeled as “hoarders”. What next?!

—Teague Harper, comp.software.year-2000, 03/10/99

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