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I have never attempted to enlighten my friends about computers. My summation of the computer problem is usually two sentences: There is a computer design flaw which is so widespread throughout the world that it is now too late to repair. This design flaw may cause electric and water services, as well as deliveries to stores and gas stations, to be interrupted for two weeks or more in January.

My missionary zeal is for preparedness.

A number of friends have understood when I mentioned that I buy health insurance although I do not predict that I will become ill and I am not expecting to become ill. So they then understand why I suggest we be ready should the electric or water or retail (i.e., grocery stores) services go out.

I find that the DWGI’s for some reason feel that preparedness is bad unless the problem occurs. They apparently feel that to prepare is to predict, and they do not wish to appear to be found wrong in a prediction. They feel every dollar should be spent on pleasure and obligations they can’t get out of. Since they can get out of preparing for a disaster and since they get no pleasure out of being prepared, they refuse to get it.

So in my experience, the disagreement is not about what will happen 1/1/2000. It’s about what a person should do in anticipation of the day.

—GA Russell, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/13/99

You can only rarely change the mind of a DGI. What you CAN do though is plant a seed. Berries can’t be picked until they’re ripe.

There are several people I know, friends and family, who now accept the fact that Y2K could cause major disruptions. None of these people believed me the first day I told them. None believed it during the first month after I told them. They had to hear the news from multiple sources before they started to take the matter seriously.

What I did was bring the issue to their attention. After that, whenever they heard something on the news about Y2K, they paid attention instead of letting it go in one ear and out the other. They thought the problem was being taken care of, but then they kept hearing about Y2K more and more on the news as time went on...

One other point: there are “DGI’s” (Don’t-Get-Its) and “DWGI’s” (Don’t-Want-To-Get-Its). A “DGI” is someone who says things like “I’m sure they’ll take care of it in time” or “I think you’re worrying too much about this.”

A “DWGI”, though, is someone who has given a certain amount of thought to Y2K, but holds an opinion such as “It’s all just a money- making scam” or “Your personal preparation is going to cause a panic.”

Start slowly and calmly when you talk to DGI’s, and don’t expect results within the first few weeks. As far as DWGI’s...ignore ‘em! DWGI’s know the facts but interpret them differently.

—Kevin, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/13/99

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