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March 15, 1999 Permalink

The media’s reporters have never believed that y2k will be a problem. We have yet to see any major media outlet say, categorically, that y2k will create havoc. Now, with almost no evidence to verify the good news, media outlets are saying it’s all hype, nothing will happen, etc. The sense of danger is noticeably down in March.

The media are following the party line: Peter de Jager’s bumpmonth, the Bennett/Dodd hurricane, and not much else. Yet what evidence has de Jager presented that any system is fixed? Not much. What about Bennett/Dodd? None that I know of. They have not announced that the banks are sound, that the welfare checks will be sent out, or that international communications will function.

But the public is being told what it wants to hear. The public has never believed in y2k’s threat. The public is not going to take action. People do not prepare for bumps in the road. They ignore hurricanes until the day one arrives.

Evidence. We need evidence. One power company conducts a limited test, and power is guaranteed. Who guarantees it? What power company has announced that it has replaced all of its defective chips? What about the 7,800 firms that distribute power in the Canadian/U.S. grid? Are they all finished with their y2k work?

Are Japan’s banks compliant? Are Europe’s. Are North America’s?

Y2K is systemic. The repairs must be systemic. Yes, there will be companies that will reach compliance for mission-critical systems. So what? The problem is more than a few companies. Tell me about the auto industry. Tell me about all of the suppliers of the auto industry? What about the effects on the economy if the auto industry cannot meet the deadline.

—Gary North, garynorth.com, 03/15/99

In view of recent events concerning our treasonous President and the passing of nuclear technology to Red China, you might want to acquire a supply of potassium iodate. Potassium iodate has only one use that I know of --in the event of nuclear war it can greatly enhance your survival prospects should you escape death in the initial blast of a missile landing in your vicinity. It does this by preventing your thyroid from absorbing large quantities of radioactivity from fallout. I know this sounds shocking and depressing, but I do believe that a nuclear exchange involving America is a distinct possibility in the next couple of years. We have no defense against incoming missiles. Russia has too many to mention still pointed at us, we now know that China has a number that can hit us, and North Korea may soon have them too. Meanwhile our First Rapist is unable to explain why he failed to even fire a known spy passing nuclear secrets to the Chicoms.

Got potassium iodate?

—Tom Knepper, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/15/99

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