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March 18, 1999 Permalink

Will Y2K be like the measles, small pox, the Black Death? Will it have similar consequences for our societies (lets not forget that this a GLOBAL event)? I quoted Moggs and Davidson not in regards to economies, but as illustrative in how alot of people think. When markets take a correction, people are astoninshed. If you look back through history, there are plenty of examples where the division of labor was upset resulting in large shifts in societal organization.

How much change will Y2K bring? It is a GLOBAL event! What will be the positive and negative feedbacks. How much fault tolerance is there in our system of systems. Will it be adaptive? Or will it come to slow, grinding halt? Then what?

Most people I talk to don’t think ANYTHING is going to change because of Y2K, very linear thinking indeed. Look at how an advancement in weaponry has dramatically changed balances of power throughout history. Even recently, with China buying weapons technology from King Clinton.

I think Y2K *may* present similar consequences that the measles, small pox and the Black Death did for past societies.

Historically, I have been an optimistic sort, but Y2K has changed that.

—Mark, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/18/99

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