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March 21, 1999 Permalink

My wife and I are vegetarians. We found a company that was listed in the yellow pages under grain mills. They have a large selection of foods in bulk. They mainly sell to bakeries and companies that repackage into smaller packages. However they also sell to the public.

We bought many 25 pound bags of different beans. The following we bought for sprouting and it is a much cheaper way to go for sprouting then to buy sprouting seeds....dried peas, (they tatse just like fresh peas out of the garden) baby lima beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, and wheat.

In fact the wheat we also sprout and let grow into grass and then we put it in the blender with our morning drink. Our morning drink consist of fresly squeezed oranges, a banana, pear, peach, green kamut (wheat grass powder), and a hand full of the sprouted wheat grass. It’s delicious.

In the evening we make a carrot and apple drink with a handful of parsley in our juicer. We both are over 60 and have perfect health and have not seen a doctor for over 20 years. In fact, we have no doctor and no health insurance and take no medicine of any kind!!! Life is great when you take care of your body! We have told many friends, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Stupid people!!!

—Old Sailor, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/21/99

If it all becomes too much, you might like to look at the Lumen Foods site. They now have a Y2K section, where you can buy buckets of stroganoff, goulash, chicken noodle dinner, chili, country breakfast, and several other recipes of a soybean meat replacer. You can also buy sample packs before you decide to go for broke. There are nutritional breakdowns for each type of food, and number and cost of portions is given. The portions may be a little on the small size--count calories! We’ve been buying from Lumen for about 10 years and they’re very reliable. Current delivery time is about 3-4 weeks. Their regular jerky is very good and I particularly like their “chicken” and “beef filet” chunks. Great bargains can be had by buying “fines,” those pieces kicked out by the sorting process as being too small or misshapen. Lumen also carries a powdered soy milk replacer, highly nutritioous, but I don’t know the shelf life.

—Old Git, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/21/99

My problem with your suggestions of using blocks-and-tackle to raise food and supplies to dwellers in apartments is that it addresses one very small part of a situation where, should your solution be required, many other problems would need to be addressed simultaneously. What I am saying is that if things get bad enough that blocks and tackle are required, they won’t get the job done not because they are not technically feasible, but because so many other circumstances of the situation will make them unworkable.

If things do get that bad, the people in these apartments will be lacking not just food but: heat, water, sanitation. Crime will abound. Would you want to be operating a highly visible external lift filled with food in a hungry city? I could go on but I think you should understand what I mean.

—aeternum, comp.software.year-2000, 03/21/99

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