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March 28, 1999 Permalink

Let me say that I am very sorry for the Albanians. I have read and watched about their plight for months. They are no different then you or me. If things go badly with Y2k and we have a North 10, I would say many will be in the same position in the next years as the Albanians are facing today. Albanians are facing TEOTWAWKI now.

But there are many countries that are also experiencing wars and conflicts. And it has been going on for years, sometimes 100’s of years. We do not jump in and help those people. Or is it a matter of the Albaians were having their conflict at the right time. If it was not Albanians and Serbs, would we be helping some other country? Clinton just needed a war (diversion) for the public to focus on ( and talk to death)

Could it be possible that Y2k is going to be so bad that Clinton wants to direct the attention of the people to something other then Y2k? Could it be he is buying time with whatever means possible> Is is possible he is hoping for a silver bullet or giving the government more time to be prepared for the outcome of Y2k? Does our government realize the seriousness of the situation more then we are giving them credit for and taking steps to implement plans for dealing with Y2k on massive basis.

Was public awareness beginning to grow at a speed which might have induced bank runs, possible food shortages, and shortages of necessaties? Was media attention swaying from the the “bump in the road” mentality to a more serious look into Y2k? Did the Governemnt need to get a grip on controlling the Y2k situation before it got out of hand and, hence, a war diversion?

—Linda A., Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/28/99

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