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Sure I have many matches, but that’s NOTHING compared to the myriad garden seeds I’ve purchased: thousands and thousands of tiny lettuces, carrots, turnips, kohlrabi, onions and others; hundreds and hundreds of cucumbers, peas, beans, tomatoes, sweet corns and others...

I’m taking serious preparations to obtain viable seeds before the mass panic happens because when the economic crash hits America, the available seed supply for home gardeners will vanish within days. Seed companies grow only a limited amount based upon anticipated sales and crop harvests, and NO ONE can handle the sudden demand when DGI non-gardeners decide they need seeds, too.

I plan on providing these seeds to my DGI family and friends to plant when they realize they can’t obtain fresh produce from California and Florida and are willing to sweat to eat. No weeding, no feeding.

—dinosaur, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/29/99

I live in central Maine, have been in this state for about 20 years. I have lived near Moosehead Lake, and several other towns south of there.

It seems to me Maine is like any other rural state when it comes to Y2K survival. You have to have a water source. Most everyone here who lives outside the cities gets water from a well, Unless a person has a pump that will run without electricity the ability to get water becomes a major problem. Then there is the issue of keeping warm. Solar, wind, wood, all have to be planned for in advance. I am not sold on the generator idea. If the gas supply stops or slows down and a person is not able to get gas a generator is of no use. Food is going to be as much of an issue in Maine as anywhere else. Food must be stored ahead of time. Hunting in Maine is good, but a person must have the skills and tools.

If you are looking for just a vacation you will probably have to find out how things are going at the time of your planned trip. You may be able to slide one in. After the long winter most people in Maine want to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. I can not imagine Mr. and/or Ms. Average Mainiac starting preparations once the weather gets warm, if they have not started already. My husband and I both ride motorcycles. We usually take long cross country trips during the summer but this year we are only going to eastern Canada. We have spent countless hours getting ready for Y2K since last fall so that we can sneak off for what may be our last bike trip until who knows when.

The herd is not moving yet. I was at Home Depot in Portland on Saturday. I was checking out a portable tub for washing and bathing. Two employees were together when I asked about size and galvanized tubs. One said to me “what are you going to use it for?” I was feeling rather bold, and since I’m not was from that town and they don’t know me I said, “for Y2K, for bathing and doing laundry”. One of the men said “what’s Y2K?” The second shook his head as though I was some kind of a nut. He told the first “it’s the computer thing, don’t worry about it”.

From what I have seen, here in Maine, there are small groups in some towns who are preparing but most people don’t take it seriously.

There have been discussions on this forum about whether the herd will get it during the summer, fall, or when Y2K happens. I’m with those who think the herd will get it when they are cold, hungry, and in the dark.

—monique, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/29/99

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