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March 30, 1999 Permalink

My first Net account was in 1973, on the original ARPANet, but I didn’t begin to actively post to Usenet until 1988, with a non-corporate account. And, ironically, I was involved with the creation of the anonymous remailers (not the “anon@penet” remailer which came from the early work of Karl Kleinpaste and then pursued by Julf Helsingius, but the “Cypherpunks remailers” which are now dominant).

For my public speech, I’ve had Sheriffs contact me to “warn” me to “tone it down,” I’ve been named on a CERT list of cyberterrorists, and I recently received court documents naming me and listing confidential data about me and referring to me as having promised to shoot any Feds who try to arrest me. (This last point was taken completely out of context, out of discussions of Waco- or Malibu-type “dynamic entries,” where one finds a bunch of black-clad SWAT ninjas inside one’s home at 4 a.m....so much for the Fourth Amendment!)

(The day I got this packet of information I began wearing my Galco Jackass Rig shoulder holster around the house at all times. I may take to wearing my body armor, too. And I make certain a couple of loaded AR-15s or 12-gauge pumps are handy.)

Still, I speak my mind. I just may have to blow away as many Feds as I can before I die. It’s too bad that our country has come to this...an occupied country. Speech is by no means free. We are at war with the police forces of these Beknighted States.

—Tim May, comp.software.year-2000, 03/30/99

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