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April 10, 1999 Permalink

I need to talk out loud for a few minutes. This is the only place where I feel I can. I am a minister. Today, I was asked to meet with some members of my church community who are ‘concerned’ that I have become “paranoid, obsessive, burned-out, dark, fearful and depressed” and who apparently planned to do some sort of ‘intervention’ with me to help me realize that I ‘really need help.’

The 6-8 people who wanted to meet with me are those who think Y2K is a non-event, and that I am no longer providing ‘spiritual’ guidance because I believe it is a very possible event. They believe I need a ‘rest’ or ‘time-out’ so that they can come to church and be with their community without the complicating factor of my presence. They believe my attempts to work with the community to prepare spiritually, as well as on a practical level, are evidence of pathology on my part. I have spoken about Y2k twice since I GI in early November - once then, once in February when the preview of the Senate report was published in our local paper.

I am meeting with other members of the church twice a month in the office to share prep ideas, to plan for contingencies, to organize church continuity plans if we cannot meet as we usually do due to fuel shortages, etc.

The 6-8 see themselves as rational, grounded, and logical. They see me and the others as weak, needy, fearful, dependent, and deluded. Sounds a lot like this forum, doesn’t it?

I have refused to submit to a ‘crucifixion committee’ meeting with them, but am quite worried about an open schism in the church community between the GI’s and DWGI’s - given the high emotional charge everyone brings to this issue. And by scapegoating me, it can easily degenerate into attacking ME vs defending me. Yikes.

Every word out of my mouth now is being ‘interpreted’ according to this new view of me. It is very distressing, to say the least. I will pray and work to find the path to resolution that is large enough to include us all - and right now, I have no idea what that path is or where to find it. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks for listening.

—dazed, hurt@sad.bigsigh, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/10/99

If it took a world war to bring the world out of the last depression, well, what better way to take the edge off the significance of the coming y2k depression than to start the war a little early. Going to have lots of jobs for the soon to be unemployed. Plus, a hefty portion of the population will be eliminated and we all know how all environmental evils stem from overpopulation.

Clinton is a psychopath who likes to put a thin veneer of respectability on whatever he does. He is in a pissing match with one of his own this time. Added bonus: enough of a crisis to declare a suspension of the constitution and of freely held elections. Media will go along with it all, the traitors.

—B., comp.software.year-2000, 04/10/99

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