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April 12, 1999 Permalink

On a personal note, I find it interesting how studying about Y2K, and then FOR Y2K, and now preparing for Y2K, will change the rest of my life. Has already changed me. I could not remember Y2K as a “non-event” even if it were one. I’ll remember it as the turning point for my entire perspective on reality and living sanely.

I drive to work every day and I look at the lawns. At the roadsides. I have realized that there is no shortage of ability to have food in this country. Only shortage of an interest in the work. Here we are spending millions in this country on poptarts yet so few people will grow strawberries in their backyard. I could plant, via the square foot method, HALF of the lawns in my little town and we could all eat for the rest of our lives without buying any of those products again. But bred outside of farmland, accustomed to dependency on somebody else handing them food if only they’ve some money, few people find any reason to bother.

I’m buying all these miniature and dwarf fruit trees -- and potting them. I will never give them up, and if I move, they go with me like my kids. I am going to be gardening like a maniac. Even my gardens are portable. But I will never not garden, and be totally dependent on the food supply line, again. I am getting some HAM radio stuff so I can communicate with friends in other states who are hams (communication being a huge part of my life). I will never allow myself to be totally dependent on power-phone for that again. Eventually I am acquiring some weapons, ammo and safety equipment for them. I will never be without personal defense or hunting ability again. I am setting up a cachement system on my roof. I will never pay the water company for horrible chemical water when there’s rainwater I could have free to use, again.

Y2K is making me grow up.

—PJ Gaenir, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/12/99

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