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From an ongoing Y2K discussion with a friend:

[Said I]

“I mean that at the highest levels, the most Real of the dangers of Y2K is ....... a massive loss of faith in “the system”. ....the system that gives us our position.”

[To which he responded]

Yeah, I see that. Another layer of onion skin just fell off my eyes. Thanks.

It connects with some other first hand experiences you might find interesting.

I play men’s hockey with a couple of guys who are ‘senior policy advisors’ to the prime minister of Canada. Another guy on the team is the scion of a multi-billion dollar beer fortune.

We talk about all of these things, and it is very clear that these people _believe_ that the ‘system’ is perfect, and will correct and fix any malfunctions.

But you can clearly see ‘fear’ about anything that might disrupt the system. I mentioned about a month ago (to them) that the American Petroleum Association figures show that, for the first time, the oil pumped out of the ground in about 2010 will be less than the oil pumped out in 2009, and that a long, slow slide will begin.

The extreme denial-fest was stunning. They were literally startled out of their chairs, looked at me askance, Everybody spouted some fact or other and immediately agreed that oil was virtually limitless, and that I was crazy.

Anyway, I see no evidence that anyone at the highest levels ‘knows’ that the system is screwed. What I see is a bunch of guys who are at the top _because_ they are the most avid ‘believers’ in the systerm.

I’ve never bought the whole idea that corporations control what gets printed in the media overtly. The image of some back room person saying, ‘that gets printed, bury that story, etc etc etc’ just doesn’t jive with my own experience. But I see now how it works.

Because the only people who make it to the ‘top’ or the corporate world are true ‘believers’ over time they hire people they are ‘comfortable’ with. Meaning people who ‘think’ the way they do. And those people hire more people who ‘think’ the way they do, etc etc etc. Slowly but surely, the entire media is drained of anyone who can ‘think’ at all! It really is horrifying, isn’t it?

This is what I see with my own two eyes after getting some people at the ‘highest levels’ quite drunk and bringing up some topics of conversation.

—Hallyx, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/13/99

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