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April 20, 1999 Permalink

I read about the 25 killings at the school. It almost made me cry. (Maybe should have, if I hadn’t been seeing this kind of insane junk all my life. Insanity inures you to insanity.) Mostly I grieve for parents. My god. Before my baby was even born, I was having nightmares about “not being able to find her” and her being gone, or stolen or something. Still, once in a great while, it is the worst nightmare I could have. I think about sending her to school and being told she is dead now. How can the feds MANDATE children being sent to school, especially in cities like Los Angeles, if they can’t guarantee their safety? A friend of mine with two degrees, who speaks God knows how many languages, who was a Schoolteacher previously, fought battles literally for two years to get to home school his kid. It’s ridiculous.

And then I grieved because I knew that even though pipe bombs were the culprit, even though we know those kids did not exactly buy those guns legally, no matter all that, I knew that IMMEDIATELY the gun control jerks would be in the media saying see, if only we took every hunting and defense gun away from every citizen in this country, those crazy kids wouldn’t have shot their schoolmates.

For some reason I was reminded of a news story from about a year ago. A nice man had run an animal shelter and clinic for over a decade. Many of the cats there he’d had for 10 years. A couple of 18-19 year old guys broke in and took baseball bats to the cats. Killed many, maimed more for sure. It was like a holocaust on a small scale inside the place when it was over. And this was the sickest part: The media and the judge actually DEBATED over these guys. The judge sentenced them to 30 days, “One for each cat they killed.” TV interviewed their friends and family who said, “They’re just cats.” I just watched with my jaw hanging open. These guys are sociopaths and nobody SEES that from this behavior? What is wrong with this picture that instead of targeting the obvious PROBLEM, we discuss the symptoms? I thought these guys should have been committed to a psych ward.

I agree with webrnot.... and I think our culture is disintegrating from the inside out. We are Rome, like lead poisoning and inbreeding and capitalism gone mad, and we can’t even see it coming. Like a tall tree, we’ve already been chopped, it’s just taking a long time to hit the ground. Right now we’re just starting to feel the trembling of the beginning of the topple.

Coming in to work tonight, I tell the security guard at the gate reading the paper, “The news is just getting WORSE every day, isn’t it?!” It sure is, he says. I shake my head. I can’t believe humanity has survived this far.

—PJ Gaenir, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/20/99

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