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April 21, 1999 Permalink

I admit that I am still on my way to being prepared. Some things require installation by professionals and scheduling must wait on them. Some things require funds that must be saved. Some things require better timing (like stocking up on fuel - not a good time with prices through the ceiling in California.) Some things require better weather - like gardening.

I agree about the issue with certain supplies. I ordered early on many things that now need to be assembled. I don’t want to wait on that too long, because I know that I may find I am missing a critical piece that must be ordered.

The shortage did cause some carts before the horse. Seasonal things like chicks and fruit trees went like wildfire here as soon as they were in the store. Although I was able to get what I wanted, I am now scrambling to plant before blossom and to build a coop before the chicks feather out.

I am employed and commute, and am also a single parent, so that has been a strain. There are only so many sunny hours to work outside. There are only about 52 weekends in a year of full days to work on preparations. Thinking about such a short time window hoovers as urgency in the backgound.

So why am I here? I am exhausted and come here to re-create through fellowship and get inspiration and brainstorming ideas. I also come to get re-motivated. The “spin” can get to you at times and inertia calls like a siren from the rocks. Sustaining intense efforts for long periods of time is stressful. I find the forum energizing and stimulating. It helps to keep me going. Right now my pressure canner is processing and I can’t go to bed until it is finished. So I came here.

—sleepless, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/21/99

Consumer Reports is quite credible so mainstream America might (finally) take note of Y2K. (May issue.)

Example: “Food - during your routine shopping, buy extra non-perishable canned goods, paper supplies, and personal care products to squirrel away in the pantry. In the week before the New Year arrives lay in a few days’ supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. . .” Although CR doesn’t recommend amounts, it reproduces the Red Cross information re food. In its other categories, though, the reader can easily read between the lines. The article covers autos, parts and fuel, computers, food, water, phones, finances, insurance, credit cards, health and transportation/travel (finances and the latter two categories in more detail). While there is no sense of panic, the article isn’t exactly pollyanna-ish either. Possible trouble dates (e.g., July 1, Sept 9) are also discussed. Three and a half pages of small type.

—Old Git, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/21/99

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