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---the fastest GI I ever met was a friend of mine who works full time for csx--I hadn’t seen him for awhile, ran into him in a parking lot, asked him was he hip to y2k, and started just mentioning embedded chips and he sez”OMIGAWD WE’RE SCREWED”--paraphrasing a little, but that was his comment. Been about the same whenever I met a non white collar worker/technician, and it’s running over 90% of all the white collar puter guys I know or have met and talked to about this. Folks who have never actually fixed anything in their lives are the most likely to think y2k will be no big deal and that “they” will fix it. The “They’s” seem to be predominantly, in my unscientific face to face polling, are all preparing heavy--must be a reason, thinks I........my favorite pollys are the folks who’ve asked their nephew, the video game family computer pee cee “expert”....HOOO HAWWWWW that’s funny! Thanks for keeping the prices down for so long, pollys! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

—zog, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/23/99

Concerning Christians, I simply get weary of hearing “we are the only true religion.” But I have to tell you that one of the people I’ve loved most in my life was a Christian, and I never felt he was trying to change me to a Christian, or tell me I was a sinner, or wrong headed. He was my dad.

But everytime I decide to be more tolerant, something happens that makes me wonder why bother. Here’s an example. I’ve talked to three of my nearest neighbors about Y2K. One, a young couple, caught it immediately and began preparing. They are nonchristians, they are a joy to be around, and I couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

My neighbor of 30+ years said they couldn’t afford to prepare and would just take their lumps. They have multiple physical problems, are raising a teenage grandson, and they are Christians; we haven’t had a cross word ever, and they never bring up religion, nor do I. I fully intend to have enough supplies to help them out. We went to school together and they know I’m a nonchristian, and they don’t care.

When I told my third neighbors, also Christians, my thoughts on preparing for y2k, this was what I heard. “We’re not worried about it. If you were a Christian, instead of an atheist (which I’m not) you wouldn’t have to worry about it either. If you would accept Jesus this y2k thing wouldn’t bother you at all.”

Yes some Christians do have lots of confidence in God. And some bring out the worst in nonchristians.

—gilda, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/23/99

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