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April 24, 1999 Permalink

It’s really getting scary, since NATO now really is becoming the NWO. As much as I want our young service men and women to be safe, I would like to see NATO fall apart. This is just a prelude to NATO forces being posted all over the U.S, I fear. Remembering the dream of King Nebuchadnezar and his ten toes of clay, I still have hope.

What can we do, other than write to our Congressmen, who were so spineless to let der Slickmeister off the hook! Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee- while they an still get it!!!!

Incidentally, one caller to a talk show I listen to said her son, who is a flier, who will be going to Kosovo shortly, said that the fellows were told that if their planes go down, the men will just have to go down with them- that the govt. can’t afford to provide them with parachutes! Yet, our Commander in Grief can spend a big hunk of change to cover the costs of reapairing the Columbine school and provide the students with counseling. (I do mourn for the students who were killed or injured, but reportedly, the students in this school are from well to do families. Will this set a precedent for our tax dollars being used everytime there is a school shooting?) As much as I rue school incidents like this, given my druthers, let us protect our servicemen!)

—Jo Ann, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/24/99

In keeping with the “school” motif, a geography lesson:

Perl, MS, 10/1/97, 3 killed
Springfield, OR, 5/21/98, 4 killed
Littleton, CO, 4/20/99, 13? killed

These three cities lie in a near perfect straight line, from Oregon to Mississippi and Littleton near perfectly bisects this line.

Paducah, KY, 12/1/97, 3 killed
Jonesboro, AR, 3/24/98, 5 killed
Edinboro, PA, 4/24/98, 1 killed

These three cities also lie in a near perfect straight line, from Arkansas to Pennsylvania. Moreover, if this line is extended left, it passes through Hope, AR, birthplace of you-know-who, and nearly intersects with the first line.

What kind of bizarre coincidence is this?

—Nathan, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/24/99

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