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April 25, 1999 Permalink

I represent a secular,doomster element;it is my OPINION that diruptions will be SEVERE.I do not base that on any world religious view but rether on my own assesment of the information available to everyone,and my own expierience as a personal manager.It’s from a management perspective that I base my doom-sayer paradigm.y2k is the largest management task in human history and the largest computer task in human history.business managers do not work well together; they are petty, bickering,lying,insecure people.nation wide,managers of I.T. departments KNOW that their department can’t possibly be finished in time,so they lie...every deadline is missed...and yet everything is fine, if you listen to the P.R. people. The stinker of it all,is that if you decide that it’s likely enough that there MAY be problems and that you want to take personal preparations,once a certian number of like minded make the same decision,supply lines will not be able to keep up and there will be supply problems.This is happening now with things like water filters,wood burning stoves,and strike-anywhere matches,as well as other things....get informed and start prepairing yourself,don’t just assume the welfare state will take care of you.think of life without stocked grocerie stores,running water,banks,or heat.How would you protect yourself from everyone else who did nothing and is now desparate?At my wife’s suggestion,we bought guns before anything else.If disruptions are severe,cities will become places of death and disease.assess and prepair,it’s the best cure for worry and angst.

—zoobie, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/25/99

I see it like this:

Either I can spend the last 8 months of my life enjoying myself, and appreciating what little time I might have left, or I can spend the next 8 months fretting and building bunkers and god-knows what else in a vain attempt to survive the impending apocalypse. It might not happen, but it it does I’m not sure I’d want to continue living anyway.

The most scary thing about Y2K is the possibility that the future of the human race will depends on socially retarded selfish paranoid mentally disturbed individuals living in bunkers whose only concern is their own survival. If these predictions are true, then nothing can save us... our response to this predicament has guaranteed our own destruction.

“He who tries to save his life will lose it”... I’m not a particulary spiritual person, but I think this is quite profound. When people become obsessed with nothing but their own survivial they become spiritually dead. I’d rather spend the next 8 months in a state of liberated bliss than slowly kill myself with worry.

I’m off for a coffee with one of my friends -just think- if these Y2K predictions are true: do you really want to live in a post-apocalyptic mess?

—Matthew, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/25/99

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