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May 2, 1999 Permalink

Heard radio this morning that Klinton is shipping over 200,000 Albanans to US. Can he do that? Where is our congress to stop him? And why he doing this?

Seems to me this is related to Martial Law for y2k. Klinton is going to need people who follow his orders. No Americans will do this, so why not bring in Albanians to do this? They owe him and so will do anything he wants. Talk about New World Order!

I think this is related to the school shooting. Notice how this happened right before y2k? Could it have been planned by Klinton? Now he has a pretext to take our guns.

But there is more ... this madman stops at nothing

Then radio said there was Ebola outbreak in black africa. Funny, but Ebola went away years ago and now is back. The Patriot Quarterly had an article how Ebola was invented by the ATF as a bioweapon. Well looks like the weapon is being tuned up.

So, Klinton takes all our guns, then imports Albanians into country. We then get an Ebola scare and everyone is ordered to submit to governemtn. Then y2k comes and everythings is set up perfect for New World Order.

The PO also had deep article how y2k bug had been planted in US computers by KGB Soviets over last few decades. So I think we should expect a Russian invasion after y2k. THis is why klinton is giving the Russians billions of dollars to “help with y2k”. RIght!!

Jan 1st is the day. Lets take this country back.

—Nikola Kosiv, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 05/02/99

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