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May 7, 1999 Permalink

We are at war. This is a battle for Y2K awareness and triumphing ideology. The debate has been raging for some months polly vs. doomer, but I don’t think you folks realize that the pollyannas and trolls have always looked at this forum and those that take Y2K seriously with utter contempt and disgust. The fact we even exist disturbs and frightens them. So they have set-out to attack and destroy the resolve, debate and awareness of those posting on this board, and to destroy it altogether. Some have even pointedly said so.

Truth is irrelevant to them. This isn’t about learning about the risks, the preparation, the exchange of information or the efforts themselves...for the pollyanna this is all about scapegoating, namecalling and debunking in an effort to eliminate our resolve to scream a warning message, digest the news, discuss the canvas taking shape in the world and increasing the awareness of the biggest threat posed to our way of life since the Tower of Babel.

In times past, those that were screaming “The End Is Near”, were simply ignored, giggled about, and left alone by those who assumed they knew better. Today, Pollyannas will not leave those that believe in a Milne scenario alone...they view us as a threat, a danger, a disruptive element. An element that must be silenced. If not by force, then by derrision and ridicule. By spin and personal attack of speculative mental capacities, not the subject at hand.

Pollyannas are NOT trying to “understand” the doomer viewpoint. They seek to destroy it, and prevent it’s spread. As I said, this is an ideological war.

Polly’s like Flint, Hoffmeister, Paul Davis and Norm are playing out an agenda. Trolls like JBD, Y2K Pro, Helen Wheels and other idiots serve to do nothing more than desecrate the forum altogether. They create discord and disgust among the regulars, and discourage the lurkers and the info seekers from surfing here.

Those that even remotely consider Y2K and the geopolitical arena taking shape in the world as a potential threat, need to realize this war we are engaged in.

We need to realize that the time for talk is over. There is precious little time left, and too much to do to continue quibbling with either the braindead or the sabateurs. They will NEVER be swayed by your presentation of logic or facts, and you have to realize this. They will goad you, they will slam and flame...and let them think they are succeeding. An ancient Asian technique I teach my martial art students when overwhelmed is to let the enemy buffet you like the wind buffets the reed, and when they have exhausted themselves, you will still remain upright to strike back.

What I suggest is: Bunker Mode. Ignore the pollys as you would the trolls. Avoid engagement where possible and if you must engage, attack their facts and points...not them personally --it has a greater impact. Yes this is a change for me, but I’ve done the trumpeting long enough...and those that have an ear to hear has heard. It is time to focus on your own readiness...and to let the walking dead continue to sputter and sound endlessly, as they will whether you engage them or not.

—INVAR, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 05/07/99

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